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- April 28 -


Today Penguin released the first 20 volumes of the Penguin English Library, which is going to compromise 100 of the best English novels. I want this because of reasons, and very much so.

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- April 22 -

I’m in the middle of reading Maus, but I’d love to read The Body, which is the Novella the film Stand by Me was based on. River Phoenix. O_O!

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- April 19 -

Only when I’m reading my text books.


Only when I’m reading my text books.


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starlightmayfadebutweneverwill said: Hey! I just found your blog and I love it already. I wanted to ask you if you noticed that the word "bookstore" is built into your URL! I think that's kind of cool. :)

Hi! I’m flattered you enjoy the blog, thanks very much. Someone told me that I had that built in the URL about a year ago—I didn’t realize it when I first made it. Ah, the magic of the English language!

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