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I Saw Another David Fincher ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Poster Today

- October 26 -

Making a Hollywood version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is like telling American audiences they’re too stupid to understand nuance and too illiterate to read subtitles. 

Why fix it if it’s not broken? Oh yeah, there’s that thing…..money. I’m staying home, but I have a feeling a large group of people won’t. 

Edit: Some of the responses to this were hilarious! I think the difference in these posters say it ALL.

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    I’m seriously disappointed that they’re making an American version, only because it ISN’T going to be as good as the...
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    I’d say it was broken, the originals weren’t even that nuanced, I felt like all of the characters where much more one...
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    I’m actually really excited for the English Dragon Tattoo movie. I’m pretty sure they were actually planning on making...
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    Americans remaking things that’s new. I mean how dumb do producer’s think the average American is? It’s not like those...
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